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This video is a cry for help. Some of the biggest names in Hollywood have came together to fight this battle of gun control. We have lost many kids, family members and friends to situations that could have been avoided with stricter gun laws.

This video views thing from another perspective. It is essentially advocating for guns. They attempt to show that guns will protect us but fail to address the fact that they can hurt us in the same fashion. If everyone carried guns for self defense its bound to get into the wrong hands. This is what causes mass shooting such as Sandy Hook etc.


James Jacobs: A Pessimist for Gun Crime Reduction

James Jacobs

In an intimate interview on Time, James Jacobs, director of Center for Research in Crime and Justice at New York University School of Law, a professor of constitutional law, and the author of Can Gun Control Work?, explains some of his deep sentiments regarding gun control. He claims that “things are really better than they’ve been for decades” in our society in terms of gun crime. He proceeds to discuss the decrease in violent crime and gun crime the United States has witnessed since the early 1990’s despite the increasing number of firearms. At first glance his facts seem valid and difficult to argue but when you take a further glance into the facts he has presented, there are some serious holes in his argument. It is important to address gun violence for the United States as a whole, however, each state facilitates varying gun laws and policies so this feat is impossible when talking statistics. Jacobs’ claim that things are better than they’ve ever been is a skewed perception of reality when examining gun crime. The reason his statistics relating to the decrease in violent crime and gun crime since the 90’s are invalid is because the policies have also tightened up. Gun laws are nowhere near where they were in the 90’s so making such a comparison is practically useless. A more effective and efficient approach to evaluating gun policies is to examine state specific gun laws and compare data from before and after policies changes; similar to the statistics examined in the New York Time’s article on Missouri gun policy.

Jacobs furthers his argument by insisting that our constitution, a document that is over 200 years old, limits our capability of changing gun policies. Such limitations seem idiotic in light of the consequences gun crime and violence hold. Should we all turn a blind eye to hundreds and thousands of deaths from guns because of this outdated constitutional right?

Jacobs truly outdoes himself in another topic regarding mental illness and gun policies. In general, politicians on both side of the gun debate have agreed that more should be done to keep guns away from the mentally ill. Jacobs attempts to seem politically correct in saying that it is extremely difficult to label who is mentally ill and what constitutes mental illness and proceeds to say that creating such a label will hinder anyone with such illness in their decision to seek help. Jacobs is attempting to appeal to the audience’s pathos and he does make a valid point that it is difficult to define what constitutes mental illness, however, the topic of mental illness should not be taken lightly especially in the light of gun crime and violence. Jacobs dances around the topic and sticks to his sentiments that gun policies should not be increased even in an attempt to forbid the mentally ill from obtaining them. As I had mentioned, it is generally agreed upon that state policies should prevent the mentally ill from acquiring firearms but Jacobs reasoning against it is essentially that it would be too much work to accomplish this. Does this constitute not doing anything?

Not only do Jacobs claims lack validity, he seems to purposely tip toe around the questions that he does not have a strong answer to. All in all his arguments against increased gun policies are extremely weak and express a lazy attitude towards possible constructive change.

Refutation:”The case for gun rights is stronger than you think”

A major issue that the American people constantly battle is the issue of gun control. On one end of the spectrum there are some Americans who believe that the second amendment is something that every American is entitled to, and that banning or putting restrictions on guns would be unconstitutional. On the other end of the spectrum, some American people believe that there needs to be stricter laws and regulations on who and why someone should own a gun. Many people that are for gun control laws believe that getting a gun is too easy.

In a recent article on, titled “The case for gun control is stronger than you think”, the argument that schools and other public places would be safer if people were allowed to carry weapons more freely. This article highlights cases such as the Sandy hook and New Life Church massacre and says that they could have been avoided if people were freely armed so they can protect themselves. The author argues that the best self defense against a gunman is another gunman.

I strongly disagree with this article for many reasons. For starters, I think that making guns more easily accessible would surely create twice the problem. I feel as though because guns are easily accessible it causes them to get in the wrong hands. The author of this article also mentions having one armed faculty members in schools, this isn’t a bad idea. However, having a gun in a school can lead to problems as well, the gun can get into the hand of a student. The gun could potentially go off in a school and injure a student. Guns truly should only be in the hands of people who are licensed and trained to use them. If stricter gun policy could ensure that guns are only in the hands of responsible people we would not have to about any mass shootings.

The most practical solution to this problem is strictly enforcing and regulating who can get a gun. A series of mental test need to be implement in order to make sure only sane people can own the weapon. Often times the people responsible for mass shooting are individuals who suffer from mental and emotional issues. This is the only way the issue of gun control will be solved.


Looking From Different Perspectives


As this image shows you, homicides are out of control in America. Increased gun control laws would impact this chart in a positive way for our country. With harder access to firearms, there is no chance the United States could be as devastating as this image shows. The scariest part is that this graph is from 2012 and homicides via firearm have only become more frequent.

If you follow this link, you can see just how impactful these mass shootings are in America. As Obama stated after the deadly massacre at Umpqua community college, “As I said just a few months ago and I said a few months before that and each time we see one of these mass shootings, our thoughts and prayers are not enough.” Americans can continue to pray these awful acts of violence do not take place, but the sad reality is that they will continue to take place until our country puts down harsher laws on gun control. One mentally unstable person getting his or her hands on a gun without being background checked can alter the lives of hundreds.


This picture says it all. Americans continue to fail to realize the issue at hand. This image depicts these mass shooters as obviously insane people. What the person who created this image fails to realize is that they are proving themselves wrong. It is a gun problem and the problem is that these people they are trying to say are crazy are easily getting their hands on guns, whether they are background checked or not. If laws were intensified to prevent people like this to have firearm weapons, more mass shootings would be prevented as well.

This website shows many great statistics as to why gun control laws must be passed to make it more difficult to obtain firearms. Aside from mass shootings, every day 7 children and teens are killed through gun violence. The future of our country is being negatively altered and it does not help that guns are so easy to be bought. Shockingly, approximately 32,514 people die from gun violence in America. That does not include the 75,962 people who survive gun shot wounds. These statistics are amazing in how they demonstrate why guns must be removed from the mentally insane. Background checks on every gun purchaser will save thousands of lives every year.chart-2-gun.jpeg


“Fewer Gun Restrictions and More Gun Killings”: An Affirmative View


According to a recent New York Times article, Missouri’s loosened gun laws have proven to have an adverse affect on gun killings and gun crimes as they continue to increase. Sabrina Tavernise paints a startling depiction of the realities that have crept into society within the south midwestern state following changes in gun policy that took place in 2007. For over a decade prior to the changes, Missourians were subject to an extensive, in-person background check within a state’s sheriff office in order to acquire a gun permit. But in 2007 the legislature repealed this process and made several other radical changes to gun policies. In addition, Missouri also lowered the legal age to carry a concealed gun to 19. Tavernise goes on to explore how Missouri’s loosened gun laws have proven to be a natural example for all other states regarding gun policy.

With data collected by Daniel Webster, the director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research, Tavernise points out some disturbing statistics. First, despite an 11% decrease in the national gun homicide rates in the six years following Missouri’s changes, the state’s rates adversely increased by 16%. In addition, between 1999-2006 Missouri’s gun homicide rate was 13.8% above the national rate and between 2008-2014 Missouri’s gun homicide rate was a shocking 47% above the national rate. These statistics give only a peek into the negative effects the loosened gun laws have had on the state and the safety of its’ population. While there are a few researchers who find the data slightly dramatic, the general consensus among scholars is that the increased rates are due to the loosed gun policies.

Sly James Jr. discussing homicide spike alongside county prosecutor Jean Peters Baker

Sly James Jr., the mayor of Kansas City, has been a huge advocate for abolishing the changes and reestablishing many of the gun policies that were eliminated in 2007. He labeled the increasing fun homicide rates in the city as “slow-motion mass murder.” Despite his best efforts, not many other politicians within the state agree with his desire to tighten the laws.

Tavernise implies the disturbing realities we can take away from Missouri’s changes in gun policy. I believe that while not all data can be definitely conclusive and point solely to gun policies for increased homicide rates and violence, we cannot ignore the obvious effects it has had on the state. We as a country cannot turn a blind eye to the example Missouri has proven to be over the past few years.

Why Gun Control?

Gun control has been a controversial topic across the nation for a long time now. Some people say restricting guns is an awful idea. They believe it is the right of all American citizens to bear arms and it serves as protection for millions of people. On the other hand, many Americans see guns as extremely dangerous, especially with all of the mass shootings going on in The United States in recent years. Since December 2012, when the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting took place, 892 mass shootings have happened since, with at least 967 people dead from these shootings. Other notable mass shootings involving guns include Virginia Tech’s shooting in 2007, where 33 people were killed including the gunman, and the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting in 2012, which claimed twelve lives. Gun supporters have their reasons, but gun control and regulations needs to be increased, as guns are too deadly and dangerous to continue being put in the hands of mentally insane people.

    With at least 300 million firearms estimated to be present in America currently, a shocking statistic from the website, The Trace, approximately 40 percent of people obtain firearms without a background check. This is very scary for America, as there are so many firearms across the country that could be used by citizens who should never be able to buy a gun. Unfortunately, this is a big factor in why mass shootings occur. If background checks and gun laws can be enhanced and improved, firearms can be put in safer hands, while those who are trying to use guns for extremely wrong reasons will have a much tougher time acquiring weapons. These intensifications of gun laws could save this country from the tragedies we seem to experience every 2 months. Safety is obviously key in this argument, but are guns really keeping us safe as they take thousands of lives at the same time?

Rob Dushaj

IMG_2128Greetings, my name is Rob and I am a junior here at the University of Maryland. I aspire to graduate with a degree in Communications. I strongly support gun control and hope that a happy medium can be met in order to allow people the right to bear arms but, only if the process in which they obtain these arms is strictly regulated. Minimizing violence and saving lives should be a concern for everyone, privileged or not.