Looking From Different Perspectives


As this image shows you, homicides are out of control in America. Increased gun control laws would impact this chart in a positive way for our country. With harder access to firearms, there is no chance the United States could be as devastating as this image shows. The scariest part is that this graph is from 2012 and homicides via firearm have only become more frequent.



If you follow this link, you can see just how impactful these mass shootings are in America. As Obama stated after the deadly massacre at Umpqua community college, “As I said just a few months ago and I said a few months before that and each time we see one of these mass shootings, our thoughts and prayers are not enough.” Americans can continue to pray these awful acts of violence do not take place, but the sad reality is that they will continue to take place until our country puts down harsher laws on gun control. One mentally unstable person getting his or her hands on a gun without being background checked can alter the lives of hundreds.


This picture says it all. Americans continue to fail to realize the issue at hand. This image depicts these mass shooters as obviously insane people. What the person who created this image fails to realize is that they are proving themselves wrong. It is a gun problem and the problem is that these people they are trying to say are crazy are easily getting their hands on guns, whether they are background checked or not. If laws were intensified to prevent people like this to have firearm weapons, more mass shootings would be prevented as well.


This website shows many great statistics as to why gun control laws must be passed to make it more difficult to obtain firearms. Aside from mass shootings, every day 7 children and teens are killed through gun violence. The future of our country is being negatively altered and it does not help that guns are so easy to be bought. Shockingly, approximately 32,514 people die from gun violence in America. That does not include the 75,962 people who survive gun shot wounds. These statistics are amazing in how they demonstrate why guns must be removed from the mentally insane. Background checks on every gun purchaser will save thousands of lives every year.chart-2-gun.jpeg



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