Refutation:”The case for gun rights is stronger than you think”

A major issue that the American people constantly battle is the issue of gun control. On one end of the spectrum there are some Americans who believe that the second amendment is something that every American is entitled to, and that banning or putting restrictions on guns would be unconstitutional. On the other end of the spectrum, some American people believe that there needs to be stricter laws and regulations on who and why someone should own a gun. Many people that are for gun control laws believe that getting a gun is too easy.

In a recent article on, titled “The case for gun control is stronger than you think”, the argument that schools and other public places would be safer if people were allowed to carry weapons more freely. This article highlights cases such as the Sandy hook and New Life Church massacre and says that they could have been avoided if people were freely armed so they can protect themselves. The author argues that the best self defense against a gunman is another gunman.

I strongly disagree with this article for many reasons. For starters, I think that making guns more easily accessible would surely create twice the problem. I feel as though because guns are easily accessible it causes them to get in the wrong hands. The author of this article also mentions having one armed faculty members in schools, this isn’t a bad idea. However, having a gun in a school can lead to problems as well, the gun can get into the hand of a student. The gun could potentially go off in a school and injure a student. Guns truly should only be in the hands of people who are licensed and trained to use them. If stricter gun policy could ensure that guns are only in the hands of responsible people we would not have to about any mass shootings.

The most practical solution to this problem is strictly enforcing and regulating who can get a gun. A series of mental test need to be implement in order to make sure only sane people can own the weapon. Often times the people responsible for mass shooting are individuals who suffer from mental and emotional issues. This is the only way the issue of gun control will be solved.



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