Summary about the Blog

This whole blog experience was very eye opening and we collectively learned a lot. The most difficult part of this whole experience was finding arguments that could valid our viewpoints. With the whole gun control debate people tend to always bring up the 2nd amendment and the fact that our country was founded on those values. When advocating for more gun control we must find a way to refute that argument. The research needed to do this was the most challenging part. It requires us to really get familiar with the 2nd amendment. The other difficult part of this assignment was the fact that we had to work with other people. Group work in itself is always a challenge. Arranging times to meet and coordinating is a major challenge that comes with group work. The passion we all grew for the blog was unexpected, this started as an assignment and became something we truly enjoyed doing. Because this blog was something I worked on so often we truly wanted it to be as perfect as possible. Knowing that we had full creative control was over something was a great feeling. As a group we also didn’t think that we would gradually become so passionate about the topic of gun control. The more we researched the topic we saw how much of a problem it was. Our view on gun control became stronger as the weeks went on. This was an unexpected thing to happen. The biggest take away from this assignment was seeing how much social media could impact policies and things of that nature. This assignment personified the power of social media. Growing up in this era we are always exposed to the Internet. However, when you are put in control of a means of social media, which advocates for something you realize the power you have. Essentially the power to sway anyone’s opinion is in our hands. Another takeaway from this is the importance of aesthetics on a social media platform. Its not enough to simply have a blog, it must be properly taken care of in order to maximize the effectiveness.


It’s Time to Ban Guns. Yes, All of Them.

I came across this very interesting article while doing research. With gun control, we know that there are two side’s people advocate for. One being more gun control the other side being less gun control. This article proposes that we eliminate guns all together. This is taking pro-gun control to a whole new level. The logic behind this viewpoint is that if we want something to stop posing a problem why not eliminates it as a whole. For instance, if someone wants to eat healthy the simple solution is to cut unhealthy food out of their life and the problem will be solved.
This article titled “It’s Time to Ban Guns, Yes all of them” gives a very unique perspective on this heated issue. The author explains why the idea of banning all guns can be feasible. He then refutes and potential counter arguments one may have about his viewpoint. He points out that there are two potential reasons as to why people don’t find banning all guns to be possible. The first reason being that there is a reluctance to impose elite culture on parts of the country where guns are popular.” The second reason is that there is a readiness to accept the Second Amendment as a refutation. The article does an excellent job of discussing any possible refutations and addressing them. According to the article, the first amendment gives us the right to refute the second amendment. The public doesn’t have to have the “right to bare arms” if we don’t want too. “That the Second Amendment has been liberally interpreted doesn’t prevent any of us from saying it’s been misinterpreted, or that it should be repealed.” In my opinion this is very well said and valid.
I think that this article makes very great points about gun control. I believe this is truly a viewpoint we need to consider. Problems will continue to persist as long as guns are around. Logically removing them from the situation would be very beneficial.

Pros vs. Cons of Gun Control

Taking a look at a piece written by, that details the pros of gun control and the issues with guns that aren’t controlled, we can clearly see that we need to control guns. “The United States has 88.8 guns per 100 people, or about 270,000,000 guns, which is the highest total and per capita number in the world. 22% of Americans own one or more guns.” That goes to show that a lot more people have a gun, probably more than you thought so. Now, out of that 88.8 people, how many were screened or even vaguely checked out. 

This piece is a great look at both sides of the argument. The “con” side seems to offer arguments that are far fetched like protection from the government and foreign invaders, which are a bit out of line considering the billions of dollars we spend on self-defense annually. The “pro” side of the argument is backed with valid points that entail the importance of saving lives.

Getting rid of guns in all would be out of line and unfair; but what we want are strict regulations in order to secure others don’t have firearms. If you deserve a gun, then you can be awarded one, but with proper background checks.