Summary about the Blog

This whole blog experience was very eye opening and we collectively learned a lot. The most difficult part of this whole experience was finding arguments that could valid our viewpoints. With the whole gun control debate people tend to always bring up the 2nd amendment and the fact that our country was founded on those values. When advocating for more gun control we must find a way to refute that argument. The research needed to do this was the most challenging part. It requires us to really get familiar with the 2nd amendment. The other difficult part of this assignment was the fact that we had to work with other people. Group work in itself is always a challenge. Arranging times to meet and coordinating is a major challenge that comes with group work. The passion we all grew for the blog was unexpected, this started as an assignment and became something we truly enjoyed doing. Because this blog was something I worked on so often we truly wanted it to be as perfect as possible. Knowing that we had full creative control was over something was a great feeling. As a group we also didn’t think that we would gradually become so passionate about the topic of gun control. The more we researched the topic we saw how much of a problem it was. Our view on gun control became stronger as the weeks went on. This was an unexpected thing to happen. The biggest take away from this assignment was seeing how much social media could impact policies and things of that nature. This assignment personified the power of social media. Growing up in this era we are always exposed to the Internet. However, when you are put in control of a means of social media, which advocates for something you realize the power you have. Essentially the power to sway anyone’s opinion is in our hands. Another takeaway from this is the importance of aesthetics on a social media platform. Its not enough to simply have a blog, it must be properly taken care of in order to maximize the effectiveness.


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