Rob Dushaj

IMG_2128Greetings, my name is Rob and I am a junior here at the University of Maryland. I aspire to graduate with a degree in Communications. I strongly support gun control and hope that a happy medium can be met in order to allow people the right to bear arms but, only if the process in which they obtain these arms is strictly regulated. Minimizing violence and saving lives should be a concern for everyone, privileged or not.



Isaac Bagayoko


Hi, my name is Isaac Bagayoko. I am a Junior Communications major with a minor in Entrepreneurship. Gun control is a very widespread issue that our society faced with . We have been victim of dozens of mass shootings such as Sandy Hook and San Bernardino which all were caused by the lack of difficulty there is to obtain a gun. Obtaining a gun in the U.S has become something that is so easily done that it is putting the general public at risk. I think a change in policy will very well lower crime rates and keep our streets safer.

Meghan Crocker

IMG_0791 (1)

Hi, my name is Meghan Crocker. I’m from Boston, Massachusetts and am a senior at the University of Maryland. In light of recent tragedies involving guns and mass shooting which have devastated numerous communities, I’ve found the topic of gun policies to be a particularly prevalent concept to focus on. I feel that a change in policy has the potential to reduce gun violence and gun crime and therefore is a vital issue to address.